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Orientation for New Students - Trimester 2, 2024

Orientation Week

O-Week is this week! We can't wait to meet you!

Orientation Week, or O-Week, is the week before classes commence. Every student is required to attend Orientation prior to commencing their HELI studies. O-Week is held on campus and an opportunity for you to learn about your rights, safety and wellbeing in Australia, your requirements as a student, the support services HELI provides, and to connect with your academic team and classmates. Orientation provides all the information you need to know to commence your HELI course from Monday 10 June 2024! 

Must Attend
Orientation Days 

June 2024









10:00am - 3:30pm

10:00am - 12:30pm

10:00am - 1:00pm

Commencing students are required to attend all O-Week sessions on

Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 June 2024. 

Further detail will be shared in advance of O-Week. 



Tuesday 4 June 2024 - Must Attend

Bring your laptop or device!   

10:00am:  Arrival and Registration, Coffee/Tea, Meet and Greet. 
10:30am:  Acknowledgement of Country, Welcome, Meet your Student Services                        Team, Deans Welcome, Rights and Responsibilities, Hea
lth, Wellbeing                      and Safety. During this session we'll have some fun with an

                    Australiana trivia quiz with prizes to be won. 

12:30pm:  Lunch + taste some iconic Australian favourites - can you guess?

 1:30pm:   Academic Course Overviews.

 2.00pm:   Introduction to your Online Accounts including login support 

 3.00pm:   End of mandatory session. 

 3:00pm:   Drop in to see Student Services for support, or any query you have.

 5:00pm:   End of day



Wednesday 5 June 2024 - Must Attend

Get set for Success!   

10:00am:  Arrival and Registration, Coffee/Tea, Meet and Greet. 
10:30am:  Acknowledgement of Country, Welcome and introductions, get to 

                    know your fellow students, Your Student Learning Support and Library

                   Team and Services, and Tips for study success!  

11:30am:  Time Management 

12:00pm:  Campus Tour

12.30pm:  End of the mandatory sessions. 

12:00pm:   Drop in to see Student Services for support, or any query you have.

  5:00pm:   End of day



Thursday 6 June 2024 - Must Attend

Employability, Networking and Safer Living Police Presentations

  9.00am:  Drop in to see Student Services for support, or any query you have.

10.00am: Arrival and Registration, Coffee/Tea, Meet and Greet. 

11:00am: Safer Living VIC Police Presentation

12:00pm: Melbourne: Employability Skills, Networking and Connecting with                            Community. 

  1.00pm: End of the mandatory sessions

  2:30pm:  Drop in to see Student Services for support, or any query you have.

  5:00pm:  End of day

Student Support
Drop Ins

June 2024






Monday and Friday are dedicated to providing students one-on-one support, guidance and enrolment assistance. 


Monday 3 June and Friday 7 June 2024 are important days of O-Week as they provide students with the opportunity to visit and meet with the Student Services Team for personalised one-on-one support, guidance and enrolment assistance.


If you have a personal question that you would like answered it's best to come to campus on Monday and Friday so your query can be discussed with a Student Services Team member in a more private setting than during the group O-Week sessions. 


If you require enrolment support, or have any question at all don't wait until O-Week! Reach out to Student Services by lodging an enquiry or visiting campus Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm. 

Campus Location

Melbourne Campus

399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Orientation will be held on Level 6. 


Classes Commence
from 11 June 2024



Classes Commence from Tuesday 11 June 2024

Please note that Monday 10 June 2024 is a Public Holiday and HELI will be closed. Classes commence from Tuesday 11 June 2024.

Classes scheduled on a Monday will commence from 17 June 2024.

HELI looks forward to meeting and engaging with you during Orientation week. HELI's Orientation program will assist you to settle in, prepare for your new course and get all the information you need to make a flying start with your HELI studies!

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