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Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information 

eLearning and HE Academic Practice Students

HELI Student Services team process the enrolment of eLearning and Academic Practice students each study period. Students will receive an email advising enrolment has been completed and your subjects can be accesses via Canvas (HELI’s Learning Management System).

Research Students

Students undertaking Research courses are required to process their enrolment into each study period via their Student Portal before the close of enrolment. Student Services will send enrolment information via email in advance of enrolment for each study period and students will receive an email advising enrolment has opened. 

Classes for Trimester 2, 2024 commence the week beginning Monday 10 June 2024. As 10 June 2024 is a Public Holiday and Melbourne Campus will be closed, classes will commence from Tuesday 11 June 2024.  

Update your contact details

Please check and update your contact telephone number/s and emergency contact details the first time you log into your Student Portal. Even if you have relocated to another address for a short period of time you must update your contact details with HELI.

It is the responsibility of all students to ensure HELI always has your current and correct contact information. Student visa holders MUST notify the Institute of any changes to your contact information within 7 days.

Key Information for New Students

Key information for students commencing their first study period at HELI are available via the New to HELI? page of the Student Hub.

In particular, please note advice to new students regarding:

  • Credit for Prior Learning applications must be submitted no later than 10 working days before the census date.

  • Conditional Offer documentation is due at the end of week 1.

  • Overseas students who are offshore awaiting their visa decision. 

Key Dates

Enrolment opening and closing dates, enrolment application closing dates, class commencement, fee due dates, the census date and the end date of the study period end date are available via the Student Hub Home page.


Each study period HELI's timetables are published via Canvas.


Following your enrolment eLearning and HE Academic Practice students will receive and email to advise enrolment has been completed along with a link to the Canvas timetable.


Research students will be able to access their personalised timetable via their Student Portal and will also have access to the Canvas timetable.  

Reduced study load applications

New students are required by policy to enrol in a full-time study load in their first study period (2) subjects.  


Students may apply to study a reduced study load if they have compassionate or compelling circumstances or have completed at least one study period full-time and wish to spread their remaining study load across their other study periods. 


Students who receive approval to reduce their study load may not be eligible to take a study break.


Reduced Study load applications must be submitted prior to the Census date of the study period, the application form is available on the Forms page.

Fee Invoices

Please see the Tuition Fees page of HELI's Student Hub for further details including fee payment options. 

eLearning and HE Academic Practice Students

One your tuition fee invoice has been prepared you will be sent an email to advise your invoice is ready for viewing and payment. 

Research Students

When you process your online enrolment, the Student Portal will automatically create a fee invoice. Please note that invoices will be reviewed and manually updated prior to the census date for the study period.

Student Services Support

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Student Services should you have any queries or require assistance.


Student Services are available 9am - 5pm AEDT/AEST Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Student Enquiries

Students are most welcome to visit or call Student Services during our office hours, students can also lodge enquiries via HELI's Student Hub Enquiry Form. 

Student Services looks forward to supporting you through your studies.

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