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Entering credit card details

Tuition Fees Payments and Due Dates

2024 Tuition Fee Increase for Continuing Students

2023 was an exciting year for HELI with students returning to campus! We hope that on-campus classes has added to your overall student experience, and that you have enjoyed the benefits of studying on campus. 


The Insitute is working on a number of current and future initiatives that will further enrich your student experience going into 2024 and beyond. In doing so there will be a 7% increase in fees for continuing students from Trimester 1 2024. 


The fees increase will support a number of important initiatives and developments. These are:

  • upgrade to all facilities and physical spaces 

  • investment in new high-end computers and software

  • upgrade to library resources and databases and extended opening hours  

  • increased learning support services for all students at all campuses, some of which include on-campus academic skills drop in events and workshops each study period

  • increased student events and opportunities for networking through participation in on-campus activities 

  • enhancements to communication, student management and student learning systems.


The Insitute trusts that these combined initiatives will further enhance your student experience at HELI.   

Tuition Fee Invoices

When Research students process their online enrolment, the Student Portal will automatically create a tuition fee invoice. Please note that auto-generated invoices are reviewed and manually updated prior to the census date for each study period.


Tuition fee invoices for eLearning and Higher Education Academic Practice students will be generated by Accounts following the close of enrolment for the study period. 

Students will be sent an email advising tuition fee invoices are ready for viewing and payment following the generation and the review of invoices that are auto-generated by the Student Portal at the time of enrolment processing. 

Tuition Fee Due Dates

Fees for each study period can be paid in full by the end of week 1 of a study period, or paid in two instalments of 50% each - the first instalment of 50% is due at the end of week 1, the second instalment of 50% is due at the end of week 6 of a study period.

Fee Payment Options 

Bank Deposit
If you elect to pay your tuition fees electronically, you can do so by transferring money to HELI's bank account: 

Account Name: Higher Education Leadership Institute

Bank Name:  Westpac

BSB: 032833

Account Number: 494777

Swift Code: WPACAU2S


Transaction Reference or Description

Please  use your Student ID Number as the transaction reference or description. When a student doesn't include their Student Id there is no way for the Accounts Team to know who the payment belongs to, so it's very important to ensure when making payment via bank deposit/transfer that you record your Student Id number. 


If you have made a recent payment and it's not recorded in your Student Portal, please sent your payment receipt/s to Student Services by lodging an enquiry, select payment receipt and upload your payment evidence.   

Credit Card and Debit Card
Students are able to make payment via Credit Card or Debit Card via their Student Portal. 

Login to your Student Portal using a computer, you need to allow a pop-up window to undertake the transaction. The pop-up doesn't appear when a mobile phone or tablet is used. 

  1. Go to the “Payment” Tab in the Student Portal

  2. Double Click on the "Pay Now" link to pay the invoice and allow the pop-up window

  3. Enter the amount you would like to pay

  4. Click on the Credit Card icon to continue

  5. Enter Your Credit Card Details

  6. Click on the button “Pay” to complete transaction


You may be prompted to enter a security code that will be sent by SMS from your bank.

Have you made payment but it is not receipted against your tuition fee invoice?

If you have made some payment or full payment of your fees and it isn't receipted against your tuition fee invoice in your Student Portal, this could be because you:

  • are a new student who made a tuition fee payment at the time of your admission,

  • are a student who is enrolling into your second study period and still have funds available from your initial payment

  • have made payment but your Student ID number wasn't recorded within payment details. 

For each of the above instances, please lodge an enquiry with the Student Services team who will liaise with Accounts. Please upload a copy of your payment evidence when you lodge your enquiry.  

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